Wycliffe Associates: Audio Director

    Wycliffe Associates is looking for an Audio Director to help us equip national translators with the tools they need to translate the Bible for the 2,000 unwritten, Bibleless languages in the world.

    Audio Director Needed for Global Endeavor!

    We need a leader who will provide coordination, encouragement, and support to our team of Audio Specialists. Our Audio Director will oversee all of the audio recording projects for Wycliffe Associates and will take part in the work on the field as needed.

    Wycliffe Associates works on the frontlines of oral Bible translation, and we need an Audio Director who seeks todefinethe leading edge. We are continually developing new tools and methods, and are looking for someone eager to keep learning as they lead.

    The new Audio Director will:

    • Develop and execute strategy, coordinate projects, andlead a team of audio specialists.
    • Be experienced invoice-over/narration audio recording.
    • Guide the media creation process in asmall team context.
    • Understand the tools of the trade—both software and hardware.
    • Enjoy teaching, encouraging, caring for, andworking patiently with othersacross potential language barriers and in a variety of cultural contexts.
    • Adapt to diverse, unexpected circumstances. Assess recording site options and determine simple, locally available solutions for acoustic challenges and/or other issues that may arise.
    • Have an adventurous spirit and a tough constitution. Our audio teams work in every imaginable kind of environment. When we say “all over the world” . . .we mean it.

    If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to serve in this important role, pleasereply to this email or call Ruben Garay toll-free at 1-800-THE WORD (800-843-9673). Ruben will provide you with additional details about the upcoming trips, requirements, and qualifications, and assist you with the application process.