Expelled: ASA Responds

Jeffrey Schloss Review of Expelled

ASA Executive Director, Randy Isaac, invited Jeffrey Schloss from the Center for Faith, Ethics, and Life Sciences at Westmont College to write a review of the recently released movie Expelled. That review, entitled "The Expelled Controversy: Overcoming or Raising Walls of Division?" is on the ASA web site at http://www.asa3.org/ASA/resources/Schloss200805.html ( PDF Version )

Jeff's review is a careful and thoughtful piece that represents the way the ASA tackles difficult and controversial topics. Here's the outline of the review:
I.         Seeking an Open Inquiry
II.        Is Evolution Wedded to Atheism?
III.       Do “anti-science bigots stifle science”?
IV.       Did Darwin Lead to Hitler?
V.        Breaking Down or Putting up Walls?
And here is one of my favorite paragraphs in the opening section that sets the tone (and prepares the reader for the hard work ahead):
What I want to do in this review essay is carefully assess the claims of the film, plus those made in the recent firestorm of criticisms and defenses.  It is not targeted at scholars, but it is offered to the thoughtful.  “Is there no shorter way of coming to Geometry…?” King Ptolemy is reputed to have asked Euclid.  “Sire, there is no royal road to geometry.”  Polemical soundbites criticizing and defending the movie notwithstanding, there is no short way to the truth of these issues.  While the following assessment is lengthy, it contains segments dealing with each major claim of the film, which may be read separately.
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