God and Physics: July 7th – 11th 2010 Oxford, UK

    The Ian Ramsey Centre and the International Society for Science and Religion
    are pleased to announce a conference

    80th birthday celebration of the work of

    John Polkinghorne

    July 7th – 11th 2010
    Oxford, UK

    Nancy Cartwright, Philip Clayton, Chris Isham, Robert Russell, Nick Saunders, Keith Ward, Fraser Watts, Michael Welker andJohn Polkinghorne

    are invited (details: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~theo0038/Conferenceinfo/Callforpapers10.htm ).

    FURTHER DETAILS and a poster are on the main Conference page, http://users.ox.ac.uk/~theo0038/Conferenceinfo/General.html

    Booking details: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~theo0038/Conferenceinfo/booking.htm
    Online booking:https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/catalogue/products.asp?compid=1&deptid=90&catID=513&hasClicked=1.
    If you have any queries about matters to do with booking, please contact us (ian-ramsey-centre@theology.ox.ac.uk). NB: Early booking discounts apply before June 4th2010.

    Competition: The ISSR is hosting a competition for younger scholars: see http://www.issr.org.uk/essay-competition.asp.

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    With good wishes

    Cynthia Hall


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