Opportunity to read exams in the AP Chemistry program

    I am now the Chief Reader for Advanced Placement Chemistry, and that I would like to encourage any ASA members who are Chemistry teachers to consider volunteering to read exams in the AP program. The reading takes place in June over a seven day period. This year it will be held at an ocean-front resort in Daytona Beach, FL. Approximately 270 teachers, 50% college and 50% high school, will grade the 'free response' section of about 110,000 exams that have been completed by high school students in "college equivalent" courses. The attraction to engaging in an activity of this sort, of course, is not the reading itself. I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys grading exams. Rather it is the opportunity to interact with like-minded colleagues in an effort that is beneficial to the profession and to the many students who expended the time and effort to write the exams. If anyone is interested they can find application forms at the AP Central website, or failing that, contact me.

    Larry Funck

    Chemistry Department


    Wheaton, IL60187