Zygon exchange between Till and Nelson

From: Ed.Babinski@furman.edu
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 14:04:59 EST

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    Dear Dr. Howard Van Till,

     I read your exchange with Paul Nelson, a friend of mine, in Zygon
    How frustrating! Paul kept trying to drag you over his side of the line as
    "intelligent design" theorist, by widening that definition humongously to
    anybody who believes that God is behind it all. And you kept trying to
    remind Paul
    that "intelligent design" theory does not consist primarily of such a
    wide definition, but is concerned mainly with far narrower ideas, like
    possible natural causes from the Big Bang on, ignoring natural causes that
    be inherent in nature, in favor of the belief that God had to keep dipping
    his finger
    into creation, tilting things this way and that, time and again, in order
    to get them
    to work right.
         Honestly, will Paul never learn? Can't he HEAR what you're saying?

    According to what Paul has told me and in his contribution to the book,
    VIEW OF CREATION, Paul no longer even bothers to QUESTION his young-earth
    He in fact, freely admits that the evidence APPEARS to favor an old earth.
    Here's how he maintains his cognitive dissonance: Paul believes that the
    of Christ is an historical fact, and argues that IF a man can indeed rise
    from the dead,
    as he believes can be proven historically (sic), THEN anything can happen,
    even a
    whole cosmos that appears by all the scientific evidence to be ancient, can
    very very young. So, via a theological bridge of "logic" hanging by mere
    Paul skips past all the hard scientific work that would normally be deemed
    necessary in order to discredit the scientific evidence for the earth's
    vast age,
    and continues in the blindest vainest vein of theological thought since
    William Jennings
    Bryan's arguments against evolution.

    Best, Ed

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