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From: Cliff Lundberg (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 13:41:31 EST

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    John E. Rylander wrote:

    >I wholly agree that it's vague and speculative, even fanciful in detail
    >(e.g., E. O. Wilson's explaining homosexuality as genetically induced, such
    >genes being contained in communities that flourished because of numerous
    >heterosexually uncompetitive "helper males", as I recall -- kind of like
    >drones or worker ants). Evolutionary psychology relies on knowledge (or a
    >best guess) of human and pre-human history, which is always somewhat

    I wonder if Wilson considered the other side of the coin--the utility of
    having some strong characters within the female side of communities.
    That (I speculate) might be more important than having some guys who
    were into sewing and cooking.

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