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Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 02:16:47 EST

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     Dear Sir / Madam,

    Our company has developed over the past two years a glorious Christianity site,
    which is currently taking its first steps and entering the Internet. is the identification address of the site currently open to
    the public.

    We are a Start Up Co. One of the products we created was actually a site not
    connected to the high tech field, but rather to transferring to all the Christians in
    the world, a respectable site representing Christianity in the Holy Land of Israel.

    Currently, our company has decided to sell all its activities, not directly related
    to our main strategic activities, and to concentrate on one product, which we
    started developing during the previous year.

    Our company sees your honorable site as capable of purchasing our site, and continuing its development in the path we set.
    In the previous organization there existed a large virtual store (in addition to the
    existing scroll), which at this point we have decided not to include in the site
    activities. In the event that you would want to include it in your site, we would
    be glad to transfer it also to you at no extra cost.

    Since we are dealing with a respectable Christianity site, we require for the site
    only the expenses involved in developing and building it in the past two years.
    Any sum received above this amount, would be donated to any Institution you
    would feel appropriate of receiving such a contribution. For details as to the
    terms of sale, please contact the General Manager at Tel: 972-52-870566
    Or Via E-Mail at:

    We all hope that you see in our site a basis for increasing the community of
    surfers in your site, and consequently the option to increase and direct the source
    of income to your community.

    May God bless you and your beloved!

    Michael Haddad
    General Manager

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