RE: Evolution and Rape (was Re: The Kansas Science Education Standards)

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Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 23:07:40 EST

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    While it's easy to overstate what these researchers are hypothesizing (and
    they see it as a hypothesis, not anything very firm, I believe), and also
    responses to it, would it be surprising if evil (as well as good) is very
    natural for humans? Don't Christians believe that humans have a sinful
    nature? That fact doesn't simply excuse yielding to it, right?

    Evolutionary psychology is often very speculative, but I think it's
    surprisingly insightful in its comments wrt human sexuality in general, even
    if not -necessarily- in this particular case.

    (Myself, I've never found the typical feminist view of rape -- just a crime
    motivated by violence, not at all sex -- at all cogent, so that doesn't
    count much against this new theory for me. But then, I find feminist
    theories in general to be wanting....)


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    > Bertvan:
    > >Are you
    > >suggesting children should be blindly indoctrinated with the
    > "truth" of Neo
    > >Darwinism, gradualism, "random mutation and natural selection as a known
    > >mechanism for macro evolution", merely because religious people are in
    > >disagreement?
    > Susan:
    > >I'm saying that children should be given the results of
    > scientific research
    > >and not have the results of that research concealed because it seems to
    > >conflict with the tenets of one religion.
    > Hmmm. One wonders if this argument will one day be used to support
    > the teaching that all boys are potential rapists. For those who have not
    > heard, a new book is about to hit the market written by two evolutionary
    > biologists. Their thesis is that rape is something that has been
    > selected by Darwinian evolution. It is thus as natural for a human male
    > to rape a female as it is for a cheetah to chase down a gazelle. What's
    > interesting is that a Boston lawyer plans on using this evolutionary
    > science to defend his client (accused of rape). Darwinism thus resurrects
    > the old "she asked for it" defense. In fact, the evolutionary
    > biologists who
    > propose this thesis also suggest that women should stop dressing so
    > provocatively.
    > Just think. Evolutionary science may one day be used to teach all
    > the little boys they are potential rapists. It may also be used to
    > enforce a dress code where all the girls need to be covered from the neck
    > down. How ironic.
    > Mike

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