Evolution and Rape (was Re: The Kansas Science Education Standards)

From: MikeBGene@aol.com
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 22:22:32 EST

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    >Are you
    >suggesting children should be blindly indoctrinated with the "truth" of Neo
    >Darwinism, gradualism, "random mutation and natural selection as a known
    >mechanism for macro evolution", merely because religious people are in

    >I'm saying that children should be given the results of scientific research
    >and not have the results of that research concealed because it seems to
    >conflict with the tenets of one religion.

    Hmmm. One wonders if this argument will one day be used to support
    the teaching that all boys are potential rapists. For those who have not
    heard, a new book is about to hit the market written by two evolutionary
    biologists. Their thesis is that rape is something that has been
    selected by Darwinian evolution. It is thus as natural for a human male
    to rape a female as it is for a cheetah to chase down a gazelle. What's
    interesting is that a Boston lawyer plans on using this evolutionary
    science to defend his client (accused of rape). Darwinism thus resurrects
    the old "she asked for it" defense. In fact, the evolutionary biologists who
    propose this thesis also suggest that women should stop dressing so

    Just think. Evolutionary science may one day be used to teach all
    the little boys they are potential rapists. It may also be used to
    enforce a dress code where all the girls need to be covered from the neck
    down. How ironic.


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