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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 18:32:49 EST

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    Stephen E. Jones wrote:

    >If Darwinism followed it's rule of prefixing "apparent" before
    >"intelligence", as it does with "design", it would presumably
    >have to admit that *human* "intelligence" is only "apparent"

    The 'apparent' is all science is concerned with. But then, 'intelligence'
    --unquantified--is no more a scientific notion than 'complexity' or
    'design-with-no-apparent-designer'. If Stephen's analysis is valid,
    at least I have the consolation that my stupidity is also only apparent.

    Critics of 'Darwinism' seem so unconcerned about the ambiguity of the
    term, I have to conclude that they think the ambiguity is something
    they should perpetuate. Is Stephen talking about natural origins in
    general, or evolution through natural selection, or gradualism, or

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