Re: Johnson, Darwin, and transitionals

Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 09:10:33 EST

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    Wesley writes:

    >I think, Chris, that you grant Johnson too much credit in his
    >assertion that the invertebrate fossil record fails to clearly
    >document transitional sequences. In fact, my reading leads me
    >to almost the opposite conclusion -- the invertebrate fossil
    >record yields a richer source of data concerning transitions
    >than does the vertebrate record.

    Do not lose sight of the larger picture, people. Johnson claims
    there are no transitionals in the invertebrate fossil record. Chris
    then uses Darwinian evolution (DE) to explain why this is expected
    from DE. His explanations sounds reasonable and plausible. But
    now Wesley tells us there are transitionals. Moral to the story?

    DE is so plastic, so blob-like, and so unfalsifiable that it can even
    be used to come up with rational explanations for states that do not
    exist. Now....let that sink in.


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