Re: Any strong challenges to Naturalistic Sufficiency?

From: Chris Cogan (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 22:26:06 EST

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    > > Chris
    > > I *am* an Objectivist, of sorts, though I don't think the current
    > > "official"
    > > Objectivist leadership would agree with me on that. If you found the
    > > relatively senseless, you might try Rand's "Introduction to Objectivist
    > > Epistemology." It's a book, so it's easy to go back over parts that
    > > seem to make sense the first time through. It's available in a
    > > paperback.
    > The tapes didn't appear to be worth going over again, frankly. But there
    > were only a few tapes, and they may not have been representative of her
    > work. (A libertarian friend lent them to me. She was actually a bit
    > disappointed in them as well.)

    I haven't heard any of her tapes. But I *do* recommend looking at the book
    on epistemology.

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