Re: Part II of reply to Stephen on my remarks about Johnson

Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 09:48:15 EST

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    >As usual, you are misrepresenting your opponent's views, even after
    >(apparently) accurately quoting them. They do not go "offline"; they merely
    >become selectively neutral (if they don't produce any significant

    How do you know they become only selectively neutral?

    >Since we know that large chunks of a many a genome can be
    >removed without apparent harm to the resulting organism (at least relative
    >to its normal habitat), this hypothesis is not as far-fetched as you make it

    This is somewhat misleading. Those normal habitats are those in the wild.
    The abnormal habitats are artificial environments maintained by the
    intervention of an intelligent mind. Look at it this way. You can take a
    pull out its teeth and remove its legs. But we could keep it alive in a zoo.
    That tigers can remain alive in a zoo without legs and teeth hardly tells
    us much about what tigers need to survive as tigers. The same thing
    holds true of microbes which remain alive in the lab after we take out some
    of their genes.


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