Re: evolution and stewardship

Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 17:46:18 EST

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    Wesley writes:

    "I think that extinction is a theologically interesting topic.
    Why have 99%+ of all species gone extinct? If God allowed so
    many species to go extinct in the past before the advent of
    humans, is there some theological reason that humans should
    attempt to do better? Recall that the "Wise Use" people have
    already answered this in the negative."

    I think these are relatively easy questions to address from a
    theological angle. I could get into this if other Christians would
    like me to, but I don't get Wesley. On his web page, he
    places himself in the same category as Teilhard de Chardin and
    Francisco Ayala. Okay. And this is a list maintained by
    a Christian school and has many Christians on it. Wesley,
    being the scientist he is, seems more than qualified to answer
    his own question for the rest of us. So why doesn't he provide
    us with a *constructive* way of viewing things?


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