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From: Steve Clark (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 16:04:18 EST

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    At 12:13 PM 1/14/00 -0800, Cliff Lundberg wrote:
    > > Please consider this argument and forward to me [via Chadwick] any
    > >comments, examples, or citations that you feel will be helpful....
    > >The natural conclusion is that we have a higher moral sense that
    > >guides us to protect our environment, not because we are
    > >all descended from mother earth ( that would lead to self interest), but
    > >because we are commissioned by our creator to preserve.
    >This view seems to me antithetical to what The Bible teaches: that
    >the earth and its creatures exist or not at God's pleasure, not ours;
    >that we are to use up the earth and its biota unabashedly, that the holy
    >should prosper; and that earthly life is merely a test and a temporary
    >abode for us. I'd like to hear some biblical quotes about this 'commission
    >to preserve'.
    >I wish I could remember the name of Ronald Reagan's controversial
    >secretary of the interior, steward of nation's resources; controversial
    >because he believed that judgment day was imminent, obviating any
    >need for conservation.
    >Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~

    His name is James Watt. For a stewardship view of Christian responsibility
    toward the environment, I recommend that you look into Cal DeWitt. He is
    an ecologist and a specialist in wetlands. He is also a devout Christian
    who does not believe that the Bible instructs us to "use" the environment,
    but to be stewards of it.

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