Dangerous critics of Neo Darwinism

From: Bertvan@aol.com
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 12:11:07 EST

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    One need not be a Christian-or even religious-to regard "random mutation and
    natural selection" an inadequate explanation for nature's diversity.

    I have no desire to repeat the same arguments ad infinitum, but feel
    compelled to post this idea every few months for the benefit of any
    uncommitted lurkers. I see little evidence, at the present time, of
    Christians trying to impose their religion on anyone else, but it does appear
    atheists are determined to impose their religious views upon the rest of us
    as "the official scientific" view.

     Discussion about evolution usually deteriorates into evolutionist tirades
    against religion. I probably disagree with many views, political and
    philosophical, held by people of all religions. The nature of reality is
    such that many things will never be known with certainty. Some people are
    content to acknowledge that Nature appears designed, and leave it to
    religious people to speculate about the nature of any designer. Neo
    Darwinists admit Nature appears designed, but insist, "It can't be! It can't
    be! It can't be!" They seem to fear "science-as-they-know-it" will be
    destroyed if the slightest possibility of the existence of anything other
    than matter and predictable physical laws is allowed into our thinking.
    Design, rather than something which might be scientifically proved, is merely
    another way of looking at Nature, and I suspect will prove more fruitful than
    materialism. "Design theorists" appear quite willing for atheist or
    materialist scientists to continue doing science as they always have, without
    attack or ridicule. (If that ever changes, I'm sure I'll switch sides.) I
    don't see such tolerance from the materialists.

    I enjoy hearing Johnson and others attacked as a dangerous for merely
    presenting scientific arguments against the sacred "scientific" theory of neo
    Darwinism. Hopefully, uncommitted observers will recognize the hysteria.


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