Re: What is the evidence that atheism is *true*? (was Bertrand Russell--Way off Topic)

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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 09:47:58 EST

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    On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 21:54:34 -0600, Chris Cogan wrote:


    >CC>Why theists think atheism has or implies a nihilistic pit is something I
    >have never understood.


    The real question is not whether atheism is good or bad, but whether
    atheism is even *true*

    I was recently watching the video "Atheism versus Christianity" where a
    leading US atheist, Frank Zindler, debated a leading Christian apologist
    William Lane Craig.

    Craig defined "atheism" as "the view which asserts that God does not

    Then Craig asked Zindler the question: "What is the evidence that atheism
    is *true*?"

    Craig pointed out that it was not good enough for Zindler to argue that
    there is not enough evidence to prove that God *does* exist. If atheism is
    to be accepted as true, then atheists must show that God *does not* exist.

    Zindler repeatedly tried to sidestep Craig's question, even trying to
    redefine atheism out of existence as effectively agnosticism. Needles to
    say, Craig won the debate, even in the opinion of some atheists in the

    So maybe our resident atheists (e.g Chris and Susan, and any others) would
    like to make the case for atheism by answering William Lane Craig's
    question: "What is the evidence that atheism is *true*?"


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