Re: An Alternative to Dishonesty as the Cause of Persistent Misrepresentation of Ideas and Arguments

From: Stephen E. Jones (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 16:02:17 EST

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    On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 20:45:43 -0600, Chris Cogan wrote:


    CC>Because of Stephen Jones and many other people like him, I've come to some
    >new "conclusions" concerning what I have referred to as his dishonesty.


    As I have said before, it is simply *irrelevant* what Chris thinks of my
    moral or mental state.

    If Chris has any *arguments* let him make them. And if I reply, let Chris
    address my *replies* (if he can).


    "We must not be led astray, however, by the popular characterization of
    selection as "the survival of the fittest." the word "fit" has many everyday
    connotations-physically fit, morally fit, and so forth-but none of these is
    what the evolutionist means by fitness. All that matters for evolutionary
    change is survival and reproduction. In evolutionary terms, an Olympic
    athlete who never has any children has a fitness of zero whereas J.S. Bach,
    who was sedentary and very much overweight, had an unusually high
    Darwinian fitness by virtue of his having been the father of twenty
    children." (Lewontin R.C., "Human Diversity", Scientific American
    Library: New York NY, 1995, p150).
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