Re: ID and Science

Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 13:01:34 EST

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    << Bertvan:
    >What an optimistic article! I shall save it and read it whenever I become
    >discouraged over the way materialism seems to have a strangle hold on so
    >many twentieth century "intellectuals". As in the past, reason will
    >prevail again. I wish I could think of something to add, but you have said
    >it all.
    >No answer? A supernatural entity did it! How intellectually
     It would seem this would be just as intellectually satisfying as
     thinking something just fell together in a way that happened to
     make it more likely it would persist. >>

    ***** Who is thinking that? What you are doing is constructing a strawman
    argument. Common practice in creationist circles.

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