Sun, 24 Oct 1999 10:52:34 EDT

Many of the staunchest Darwinists seem hung up on religion. They have
rejected some simplistic view of God, perfectly understandable by the mind of
a child, which satisfied them during their childhood. In it's place, they
have substituted an equally simplistic view of nature as a complex machine,
perfectly understandable by the mind of a scientist, and which can be reduced
to mathematical formulas. As if there were only two alternatives. Free
will, mind, consciousness, the origin of life, and the infinitely complex
design of nature (which Darwinists have to keep reminding themselves is
merely an illusion) are no better understood today than they ever were.
Science has deciphered many of the details of the complex design, and will
continue to uncover more. However if any of these mysterious concepts
become better understood in the future, I doubt it will be by people tied to
some simplistic view--or by people who claim mind, freewill, design,
consciousness, etc., are merely an illusion and don't really exist.