Re: Materialism

Susan Brassfield (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:51:30 -0500

>Materialists believe all of nature can be explained by science. (and
>probably described mathematically) It is a position which can not be

and is not especially true. It *is* true that you have to assume
"materialism" in order to examine nature. If a supernatural influence could
change the rules at a moment's notice, then you can never really know
anything. Since we like to know things and are curious about things then we
need to believe that the world is consistent, rational and isn't being
stirred by capricious gods.

>> Even those of you who are staunch materialists might enjoy the story.
>Several Atheists have claimed to do so. Some of you might be surprised to
>learn Bertvan is someone quite different than you had assumed.

Berthajane Vandegrift

a woman?!?!


Great! so many of the debate lists that I belong to would be exclusively
boy's clubs if it were not for me. This is a delightful surprise.



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