Fri, 22 Oct 1999 13:25:07 EDT

Hi all,

Materialists believe all of nature can be explained by science. (and
probably described mathematically) It is a position which can not be
Whether or not a plausible explanation of macro evolution is ever found is in
the hands of the scientists, and maybe we observers have said all there is to
say about it. My concern is over public perception. Many people who are not
really materialists have been intimidated into accepting much of the
materialist position as "scientific truth".

I make that argument on my web page, which is an entertaining true story
about Freudian analysis. (Did you know how Freud learned of a direct link
between women's noses and their wombs? He discovered this connection when
he applied cocaine to women's noses and relieved menstrual cramps. Freud
operated on women's noses to treat hysteria, which was believed to take place
in the womb.)

Even those of you who are staunch materialists might enjoy the story.
Several Atheists have claimed to do so. Some of you might be surprised to
learn Bertvan is someone quite different than you had assumed.

<A HREF="">A Tiger by the Tail</A>