FW: Web Posting of Peppered Moth Review Paper

Don Frack (dcfrack@sowest.net)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:42:39 -0700

A few months ago, I posted observations on the peppered moth issue started
by Jerry Coyne's review of Michael Majerus's book on melanism. This lead to
an unexpected confrontation with Jonathan Wells of the Discovery Institute.
During those proceedings, I was in contact with Michael Majerus, the author
of the book reviewed by Coyne. I reported that Coyne's review did not
represent Majerus's views. Unknown to all of you (well, almost all), I was
also in communication with Jerry Coyne. Coincidentally, I contacted the U.
S. expert on peppered moths, Bruce Grant, initially to get the e-mail
address of another researcher in England. This lead to a lengthy
correspondence on peppered moths and Wells. One of the definite pluses of
the Wells exchange is that I now hear periodically from Grant on his
research. Grant is connected to both Coyne and Wells in surprising ways
(which I am obliged to keep mostly private). Grant was VERY clear that he
didn't like Coyne's report on the status of peppered moth research (and told
Coyne so in no uncertain terms), which lead to Coyne offering to let Grant
write another review in the journal _Evolution_ (Coyne is book review
editor). I've had the manuscript of this review for some time, and it has
finally appeared in _Evolution_. I encouraged Grant to post a web version,
offering to get it put on a well-recognized site. He has just sent me the
attached message, announcing that it is on his site. If you want a succinct
summary of the status of peppered moth research by an actual researcher in
the field (Coyne is not), download the PDF file noted below.

Don Frack

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From: Bruce Grant
Subject: Web Posting of Peppered Moth Review Paper

Dear Don,
At long last I have posted my review article on the web. It didn't
take long to get copyright clearance from Evolution, but it took a
long time for me to get a revision attached to my W&M web page.
I am assuming that my newly revised web page has now gone
"public." If you'd like to see it, you can click on my web address at
the bottom of this message. The title of the review article under
"recent publications" is linked to the text. You can also go directly
to the article using this address:


I certainly would appreciate your help in calling it to the attention
of interested parties. If you notice any glitches with how we've
posted this and its accessibility, please let me know. Many
thanks, and best wishes,
Bruce Grant
Professor of Biology
College of William and Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795 USA