Re: Two more gaps in the fossil record
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 09:45:47 +0000

At 10:10 PM 10/16/1999 -0700, Cliff Lundberg wrote:
> wrote:

>>Hollow bones break easily, they are a decided disadvantage to a land-living
>>creature. If there were an advantage, why no hollow boned mammals today?
>I found this on the web, which may be of interest. Note that the subject is
>a *saurischian*, not *ornithischian* dinosaur. I quote all the substance of
>the web page:
> "Hollow Form"
>Coelophysis was a small, lightly-built dinosaur that walked on two long legs.
>It was about 9 feet long
>(2.8 m). It had light, hollow bones (hence its name), a long head with dozens
>of small, serrated teeth,
>three clawed fingers on its hands, and a long neck.

Fascinating. While it isn't a mammal it still shows that the line of
reasoning I was pursuing on this issue was wrong and thus I am wrong about
land animals evolving hollow bones. Isn't the first time. THanks for the

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