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>Reply to Bertvan, Glenn writes:
><< Please list the scientists in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 who have
> out against random mutation and natural selection. I want to see if this is
> truly a 'growing number of scientists.' And I want to see if your claim is
> any better than the claims of those that went before you.>>
>What we really need to do is address this question scientifically.
>A scientific survey of scientists that allowed for anonymous replies
>could be conducted to explore this very question. Has this
>ever been done?

I don't think such a thing has ever been done, which makes the claim of a
growing number of scientists leaving the evolutionary/random mutation fold
nothing but hot air. This 'growing group of dissidents' is a self-serving
statement on the part of ICR and their minions which comforts them that
they are not as alone as they really are.

I believe (can't prove) that there are far more scientists like me, who
were YECs/antievolutionists and have now left YEC/antievolutionism than
evolutionists who have become YECs/antievolutionists.

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