Re: Behe Review (yet another)
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:09:10 EDT

David writes:

<< Although Behe does not major on abiogenesis, Weber devotes several
pages to discussion of this topic, primarily focusing on emergence and
self-organization. Stuart Kauffman, for example, is suggested to have
provided "important insights". Whilst Behe does briefly critique
Kaufmann, Behe is far more concerned about the answers neo-Darwinism
gives to the origin of irreducibly complex systems. Weber may have
things he wants to say here, but they are hardly adequate responses to


That was an interesting review of a review. As for Kauffman, lots of folks
like to bring up his views as "important insights" in the context of
responding to someone like Behe. But when you look at the primary
literature about evolution and abiogenesis, these "important insights"
are largely ignored. This might suggest something about the nature
of the importance behind these insights.