Re: Fwd: Well-financed creationists?
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:39:42 +0000

At 10:45 PM 10/10/1999 +0800, Stephen E. Jones wrote:
>So there's no need to weep for those poor evolutionists, who have to scrape
>by with billions of dollars taken forcibly from your pockets, while
>intelligent design advocates supported entirely by voluntary donations take
>unfair advantage of them in the marketplace of ideas!

This is the whine of a person who won't go about the business of actually
presenting ideas that match the data. It is the whine of a person
defending a group of people that won't even tell you what happened in the
past or give a scenario from their point of view. It is the whine of a
person who doesn't want to do the hard work of explaining the data but
wants money anyway. All the ID group does is say that it can't be
evolution. They don't ever come out and say what it was, how it was and
when it was. If they were really want funding then their first step to
getting it must be some serious thinking and coming up with an idea that
matches the evidence rather than simply stating what can't be. All it takes
to convince people in the marketplace of ideas is to have a view that
actually explains the data.

While I share with the ID camp the belief the God did create the universe
and life, there is a big difference between them an me. I present a view of
what happened. Where is their view?

Foundation, Fall and Flood
Adam, Apes and Anthropology

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