Re: Fwd: Well-financed creationists?

Susan Brassfield (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 14:12:06 -0600

>Stephen E. Jones QUOTED someone:
>>This amounts to an average of at least $100 per year per American taxpayer.
>> So if you are an American, you have been forced under threat of
>>imprisonment to pay at least $1000 over the past ten years to support
>>research based on neo-Darwinian assumptions.

Cliff Lundberg:
>This makes the paranoia about creationists in the heartland (democratically)
>influencing curricula look pretty ridiculous. The sad thing is that federal
>bureaucrats are in charge of enforcing a paradigm, which guarantees that
>no revolutionary breakthrough will occur.

Federal law is charged with enforcing separation of church and state. The
mythology of one of the many religions in the US may not be taught as
scientific fact in publically financed classrooms. Here in the "heartland"
(the instrument has not yet been invented which is capable of measuring the
amout I hate that word--I'm from Oklahoma) there are churches on every
corner and church schools on every other corner. Perhaps the "science" that
is being taught there will someday cause a "revolutionary breakthrough."
However, I have one of their "science" books and have read it. It is
virtually content-free (lots of pictures and bible verses make it look as
thick as a regular science book), so I kinda doubt it.



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