Re: Looking for the gifts (where?)

Tim Ikeda (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 18:01:03 -0400

Hello Mike,

You wrote:
> Perhaps it is at this point where the typical versions of theistic
> evolution and intelligent design can be altered and merged to exist
> in a symbiotic union. An understanding of evolution takes us back to
> the primordial gift (as the globin-fold is very ancient, being found
> in bacteria). Something like Dembski's filter might be helpful it
> corroborating something as a gift (after all, the globin fold is an
> example of complex, specified information).

"Something like Demski's filter" might be helpful; but Dembksi's
filter itself is of no help.

> However, one thing is clear. The evidence that hemoglobin evolved
> through standard evolutionary mechanisms is quite plausible, yet the
> evidence for myoglobin's evolution is essentially non-existent. I thus
> see no basis whatsoever for ruling out some form of actualized design
> behind the origin of myoglobin, a gift to be exploited by evolution.

A recent paper suggests that the original function of these
heme-carrying proteins was not to carry oxygen but to perform
a detoxification process. Thus myoglobin, as an oxygen carrier,
appears to have its origin in an older protein with a different

Now, while there is no way to rule out "some form of actualized
design" behind the progenitor of oxygen-carrying hemoglobins,
what exactly is there to support this belief? Personally, I find
it hard to make the case for design based on the negative argument
presented. Positive evidence is what's needed.

Tim Ikeda (despam address before use)