Re: teaching evolution in Wisconsin

Gary Collins (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 16:00:06 +0100

Susan Brassfield wrote:

> >responding to: Chris Cogan
> >
> >Hi. Mind if I get in on this too? I don't have time to respond to the entire
> >thread, but I'll just add two things.
> it's a discussion list. So discuss, already! :-)
> >> My general challenge still stands: Suppose your theory is true. Then, what
> >> would have to be different were it *not* to be true? That is, suppose there
> >> were no designer, and then specify how things would then *have* to be
> >> different now as a result of a lack of this designer.
> >
> >I suggest that in the absence of a designer (and maintainer) that the
> >entropy of living systems would increase, rather than complexity and order
> >increasing together.
> the energy from the sun decreases entropy locally on this planet. When the
> sun dies, entropy resumes. Or perhaps that mysterious designer might choose
> to withdraw at the same moment. How would we tell the difference?
> Susan
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The sun is shining on Venus as well. A question: is entropy there also
decreasing? Or is it increasing? Or staying about the same?



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