Re: Especially for Bertvan
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 19:01:39 EDT


<<I have given much thought to my beliefs, so it ridiculous to call them
"mindless". Since you must by this time be familiar with all the arguments
against "random mutation and natural selection as an explanation of macro
evolution", why should we waste time arguing over "the evidence". We each
interpret it differently. I'm sure you would label any reasons I might give
for my beliefs "flim-flam", and what would that accomplish?>>

Well stated. Many people do approach this topic thinking they
know the Truth about what happened hundreds of millions of years
ago. That you correctly note they are employing their own interpretations
is likely to be met with the same degree of hostility as when someone
highlights the views of a religious fundamentalist as being an
interpretation. It is natural for human beings to confuse their
beliefs with The Truth by thinking there is something magically
objective about "evidence."