Especially for bertvan
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 13:53:55 EDT

Susan wrote
>I would be delighted to present evidence for "macro" and "micro" evolution
>that involve mutation and natural selection.

>I would also like you to join me in challenging Bertvan to bring forth the
>evidence which compelled him to disbelieve in "random mutation and natural


Hi Susan,

Are you under the impression that I have some evidence challenging "random
mutation and natural selection as an explanation of macroevolution" which
hasn't already been articulated by Denton, Senapathy, Hoyle, Dean Kenyon,
Johathan Wells, Behe, Grasse, Koestler, Dembski, Berlinski, Johnson, etc., ?
I assure you I have not. Why do you care so much what I believe and why?
I'm content to leave your beliefs unchallenged. I only wish the public to be
aware that not everyone who questions neo Darwinism believes in fairies and
leprachauns--or is a religious bigot.