Re: Just for Bertvan
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 10:51:12 EDT

Bertvan wrote:

"I suspect science will never achieve a final, ultimate understanding of
(Although science can certainly decipher many of the details.) Scientists
could stop arrogantly attacking all myths concerning evolution except

Actually, the vast majority of scientists do not attack "myths concerning
evolution except Darwinism" for the simple reason that most scientists
are focused on topics that have little to do with origins.

Pim replied:

"I guess that would apply to all those who attack Darwinism as well? But
Darwinism is well founded in observation and data. Are these myths you refer
to equally well founded?"

Darwinism is "well founded in observation and data" in a few cases.
To apply Darwinism to the entire history of life involves massive
extrapolation. Thus, I'd be interested in what you find to be *the*
most impressive example where Darwinism was found to be "well
founded in observation and data."