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Susan Brassfield (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:45:45 -0600

Arthur V. Chadwick quoted:
>The Toronto Star, August 31, 1999, Tuesday,
>Byline: Susan Reimer Susan Reimer is a columnist for The Baltimore Sun.
> ''International colleagues just laugh at you,'' says Paul Sniegowski, an
>assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania who teaches biology at
>the undergraduate and graduate level and researches the workings of evolution
>at the genetic level.
> The Kansas Board of Education has essentially voted that he doesn't

Susan wrote:
My namesake has it slightly wrong. The Kansas Schools are permitted to
conceal the work of Professor Sniegowski from school children. They are
allowed to *pretend* that he (and his work) doesn't exist.

>This is unbelievable. That an intelligent scientist could be so
>unconscious of what he is saying.
>"There is no longer a question that evolution is the only explanation
>allowed for origins. But of course the only questions left are how it
>happened, which of the many evolutionary models we will use to explain it,
>and what the rules of the process are by which it occurred. In other
>words, this is a religion. We can't explain how it happened, we can't tell
>what model we will use to explain it, or even what the rules are.

oh, but we *can* explain how much of it happened and what many of the rules
are. Since a couple of other mechanisms have been discovered besides
natural selection, there may be more out there. We'll never discover them
if we just throw up our hands and say "some god did it!"

>But you
>jolly well had better not suggest any mechanism other than naturalism or we
>will marginalize you out of science." The day of bigotry has arrived in

yep! those guys at Johns Hopkins probably won't even *consider* that it
might be evil ghosts that cause disease. They are too entranced by the germ
theory. Bigots!



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