Re: Scientists get exploding beetle in their sights
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:15:00 -0500


>>I would be interested to see an explanation from the religious literature of
>>how: 1) God could build up the evident design of the Bombardier Beetle, and
>>the evidence that He actually did.

>The "religious literature" makes no claim AFAIK as to how "God could build up
>the evident design of the Bombardier Beetle." It is the claim of *Darwinism*
>"the design of the Bombardier Beetle" was built up by "random mutation and
>natural selection". I simply ask to see the *evidence* for that claim.

>If I receive no plausible answers to my questions, then I will take it as a
>evidence that "Darwinian mechanisms of random mutation and natural selection
>could" *not* "build up the evident design of the Bombardier Beetle".

I'm not really interested in Darwinism, though. It is too easy to criticise
other people's theories and yet not put forward any of your own. So far your
arguments are along the lines of:
My theory, God did it: An unknown/unknowable entity using unknown means
Alternative theory 1: Show me the evidence, if not my theory wins by default
Alternative theory 2: Show me the evidence, if not my theory wins by

All I want you to do is expand on _your_ theory i.e. 1) _how_ did God make the
Bombardier Beetle (with his hands, out of clay, out of dust into which he
breathed life?), 2) where is the physical evidence (apart from 'it says it in
the Bible'), that it was actually him who did it? And as an aside, maybe 3) why
design something that causes pain, suffering and ultimately death to another
creature you designed? I have heard one side of the argument. Now I'd like to
hear yours.