Re: "Bashing, choice & lamarkism" was "conservation..."

Tim Ikeda (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 16:31:41 -0400

A noted added in proof...

>>TI>...But I
>>>would agree that an ignorant populace should try to educate
>>>itself rather than repeatedly "rebutting evolution" with many
>>>of the same tired arguments that the ICR publishes.

>> This "ignorant populace" remark is the same elitism that the
>> evolution side revealed in this CNN debate at

[more quotes deleted...]
>> The scientific elite are going to have to learn the hard way
>> that the "populace" is not as "ignorant" as they smugly think!

>You're right. That's why the human-next-to-dinosaur tracks
>and the "how come there are still monkeys" arguments are never
>seen in YEC and OEC web sites anymore. Moon dust anyone?
for June 1999:

"If evolution were a true and acqurate account of life
evolving from an ape then why to this day do we still
have the dam things. Get a life people. God created
this world.

Very sadened viewer."

Looks like the Hams and Morrises of this world have not
increased scientific competence terribly much among their
supporters. The only good they've done is to increase the
scientific understanding of those skeptics who bother to
critically evaluate the claims of the ICR.

Tim Ikeda