Re: This is bizarre

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:57:09 -0700

At 10:17 AM 08/28/1999 +0000, Glenn wrote:

>Art, I must disagree with you here. We are not teaching evolution as
>DArwin taught it. It has been changed from that view to neodarwinism, to
>punc eq. So we have not stood still over the past 130 years.

Hi, Glenn. There are today among biologists those who teach strict
darwinism, neodarwiniism, and Punc Ek. So evolution has not stood still.
But neither do Darwinists agree with neodarwinists or with punc ekers.
Likewise for the other groups. So where 130 years ago there was one
theory, today there are many. Is this progress? Yes. Is it progress in
the right direction? Yes. Because a wrong theory in crisis has a chance
to come to a better understanding of the world faster than one that is
focused on only one mechanism.