Re: Where the information comes from.

Cliff Lundberg (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:31:53 -0700

Loren Haarsma wrote:
>(1) For the maze-solving programs, "increasing information" meant that
>the maze-solver's instruction string got longer and longer. The
>instruction string started out short and "specified" for solving the
>maze. As the instruction string got longer, it increasingly became
>"low probability" compared to random strings.
>(2) For Cog the robot, "increasing information" did not mean that Cog's
>variable set got longer. Cog has just as many variables in memory
>before as after learning the task. Rather, Cog's variable set got
>better and better specified to perform its task.

Have you considered the case where the successful solution to the
maze happens to be just going in a straight line? Not much information
there. I guess the biotic analogy would be a greatly reduced organism,
such as an internal parasite.

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