Re: ILLogical Evolution

Susan Brassfield (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:19:22 -0600

Cliff Lundberg wrote:

>. . . I listened to the NPR show, I heard that the
>lack of mention of the Cambrian explosion in the textbooks had been
>explained away on the grounds that this was too new an item in the
>science. That is pretty bizarre.

why? I'm extremely curious why you think evolutionists want to conceal the
Cambrian. It doesn't really help the creationist case nore does it conflict
with evolution. Why do you think it's being concealed?

If the Cambrian explosion is being concealed they are doing a very *bad*
job of it. I own several books that cover that time period--including
several books aimed at children--and it's mentioned in every one. Every
television documentary about dinosaurs or hominids nearly always does a
quick review of the history of life and the Cambrian is always there. So
what, exactly, is being implied here?



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