petty personal agendas

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:59:45 -0500 (CDT)

Steve Jones,

I agree with Steve Clark's reply to your silly,
self-absorbed note to Glenn. Grow up! We have
all been slighted, many times, and often in
public. You yourself have slighted many people
in your responses by assuming that you know their
motives and by sweeping generalizations that are
far short of the whole truth and paint whole
groups of diverse individuals with a broad brush.
Now you are on the receiving end of it, and you
are acting like a spoiled child. Or perhaps like
a mean-spirited parent, who after correcting his
child, says something like:

"I reserve the right to bring up your bad behavior in
the future when it serves my purpose to do so."

Are you interested in the truth, or merely in
scoring debating points by impugning the character
of your intellectual adversaries?

I suspect that I will be the next target of your
defensive, self-justifying posts. Oh well, at least
it will take some of the heat off Glenn for a while :)

Stan Zygmunt