Re: "Bashing, choice & lamarkism" was "conservation..."
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 23:40:47 EDT

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> TI>As far as I can tell, the only form of evolution Johnson
> >accepts is "microevolution". That no one has a clue what
> >else Philip accepts is absolutely deliberate.
> Agreed. Darwinists are past masters at what Macbeth calls "best-in-field
> fallacy", namely counter-attacking an opposing theory rather than
> defending one's own:


> So Johnson refuses to allow the Darwinists to divert attention from the
> weaknesses of their theory by advancing his own.

Is Steve suggesting that anti-Darwinists are permitted to critique Darwinism,
but Darwinists are not permitted to critique ID theory? If ID theory is a
legitimate scientific theory, then other scientists should be allowed to
scientifically critique it, provided they can validate their critiques with

Kevin L. O'Brien