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Susan B (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 20:03:29 -0500 (CDT)

>> Scientific explanations must meet certain criteria.
>> * They must be logical.
>> Evolution (and Creation)

Jeff Schnitker wrote:
>Logic is based on the persons judgement. If it fits within "their" process
>of "correct reasoning" then it is considered logical to them. This makes
>creation perfectly logical.

actually logic exists outside a single persons judgment. A single person may
not have accurate information to base their logic on. If your premises are
wrong, your logic is wrong.

>> * They must be consistent with experimental and/or observational data.
>> Evolution (and Creation)
>Many of the observations of this world point to creation.

can you give us an example? a dozen examples would be better. If you are
speaking of young earth creationism, all observational data refutes it.

>> * They must be testable by scientists through additional experimentation
>> and/or observation.
>> Evolution (and Creation)
>Testing using the theories of creation produces results consistant with that

no it doesn't. That's why "creation science" was so short-lived. Sincere
creation scientists tried to find hard data to support their theory and
failed. That's why the fall-back position is spurious "attacks" on evolution
or merely propaganda campaigns such as Johnson's.

>> * They must follow strict rules that govern the repeatability of
>> and experiments."
>> Evolution (and Creation)
>The issue with "Creation is not a theory" is that both Creation and
>Evolution come from preconceived ideas that are not scientifically testable.
>This preconception causes the data that is not scientifically provable to be
>validated by the preconception, or their logic, not by fact.

evolutionary theory makes many testable statements that have been tested and
borne out. It would be easy to refute evolution--find that pre-Cambrian rabbit!

has anybody pointed you to ?

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