Re: There used to be some really powerful thinkers on the list
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:23:53 +0000

At 10:13 PM 08/20/1999 +0800, Stephen E. Jones wrote:
>I thought I had already sent this, but I can find no record of it. Here it
>is again, but cut down. Apologies if you get it twice!
>On Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:36:31 +0000 Glenn Morton wrote:
>>>>GM>Concerning, my attacks on YEC please tell me where I have
>>>>been bitter. (snip)
>>>>>I know that Stephen is an old earther.
>>SJ>These lines and what follows from Glenn, which Bertvan is replying
>>>to, I have not seen before and it does not appear in my received mail
>>>folders. Is this a part of a private message that Glenn sent to Bertvan?
>>>>GM>But he is the one I really think drove most of the real thinkers
>>>away from this list.
>>SJ>This is news to me! It is a fascinating example of Glenn revising
>>>history in his own favour. Here are the facts:
>GM>THis was a private e-mail to Bertvan. Shame on him for sharing it.
>Bertvan made a simple mistake. The real "shame" is on the one sending the
>false "private e-mail to Bertvan" in the first place!
>I have long suspected that Glenn, taking advantage of the internet code of
>etiquette, writes false private messages about me to others on the list,
but I
>could never prove it. Now I *know* he has done it at least once, and the
>inference is irresistible (to me at least) that he has done it more than

As I have already done once before, I apologize to you for this.

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