Re: Fwd: [breakpoint] Ditching Darwin , 8/5/1999

Stephen E. Jones (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 19:17:31 +0800


On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:54:27 +0000, wrote:


GM>I am always amazed at how you think you can read people's minds. It is

I don't know why Glenn thinks that reading people's minds is so
"amazing". Apparently he is a bit of a mind-reader himself!

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999 21:37:25 EDT, wrote:


>GM>...Stephen...has the strange
>>belief that as long as he can find one person to agree with him, then he is


GM>I honestly am not overjoyed at you being mistaken. If I were, I would
>ridicule you which I am not doing. And as to chopping off your reply, I
>am not required to include everything you write in your voluminous posts in
>my reply. If everyone kept everything from the preceding note, then notes
>would grow longer and longer and no one would be able to read anything.

I gave Glenn an opportunity to deal with my post saying:


>OK. Just just in case I am being too "cynical" and this time it really was an
>inadvertent oversight by Glenn in chopping off my explanation, I am here giving
>him another opportunity to deal with the rest of my post, where I explain why I
>[and Colson] did not "fall for something".
>If Glenn again fails to deal with my explanation of why I [and Colson] did
>not "fall for something", or does deal with it but fails to deal fairly with
>it, then I will regard myself as justified in my original claim that "Glenn
>would be *overjoyed* if I [and Colson] fell for something".

Glenn has passed up that opporunity, so I will now "regard myself as justified in my
original claim that `Glenn would be *overjoyed* if I [and Colson] fell for


"Reduced to the initial and still crude form in which it is now emerging in
the modern world, the new religious spirit appears, as we have said (cf. I),
as the impassioned vision and anticipation of some super-mankind ... To
believe and to serve was not enough: we now find that it is becoming not
only possible but imperative literally to love evolution." (Teilhard de
Chardin P., "Christianity and Evolution", 1971, pp183-184, in Bird W.R.,
"The Origin of Species Revisited", Regency: Nashville TN, Vol. II, 1991,