There used to be some really powerful thinkers on the list
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:47:00 EDT

Since you privately sent me a note apologizing then six minutes later sent
this I am really confused. Are you apologetic or not?

Concerning the private note that STephen replied to, I can't find any
evidence that you posted it to the reflector. I didn't get a distribution
copy from the list in which you replied to my note, it isn't in the
archives. Neither you nor I posted it. If I have missed it, then point me
to the URL in which your reply resides on the archive. I am meaning the
one in which I said "Concerning, my attacks on YEC please tell
>>me where I have been bitter. (snip)
>>I know that Stephen is an old earther.

If you can do that, then I will acknowledge that this was likely an
innocent mistake. Otherwise a public apology will do, not a private apology
followed by a public attack.

Hi glenn,
I didn't intentionally sent anyone, including you or Stephen, a private
nessage on this subject. If I made a mistake, which I doubt, since I put
the reflector address from my address book on all messages, I'm sorry. If
you want some abject apology, it sounds childish to me, but you have it.