There used to be some really powerful thinkers on the list
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 00:33:33 EDT

Stephen said:
>A better word to use IMHO is "intervene", which while it can have negative
>connotations of "interfere" in some usages, has the basic neutral meaning of
>"to come between", e.g. to "come between points of time or events", and
>has more positive connotations of legitimacy, e.g. to "intervene to stop a
>fight" or "to become a third party to a legal proceeding begun by others for
>the protection of an alleged interest":

I agree."Intervene" is a much better word than interfere.

>had not realised that Bertvan believed "the laws of nature were designed". I
>welcome him as a fellow IDer! :-)

I should think anyone who didn't believe the laws of nature accidentally
arrange themselves into logical relationships and patterns would believe they
were designed. And since I never heard of any of design other than
intelligent design, I am an IDer. I don't have any opinion about who or what
did the designing. You do have an opinion and I respect that. I also
respect those who believe the whole thing was a big accident. I just don't
believe they have a corner on the truth, and their views are no more valid
than those of ID'ers.