Re: There used to be some really powerful thinkers on the list
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:00:53 +0000

At 08:51 PM 08/17/1999 -0500, Susan B wrote:
>a wee word in Bertvan's defense:
>I might not have been deliberate. When I reply to posts from the evolution
>list only the address of the original sender is in the "to:" field. I
>routinely add a comma and the evolution address to that field in order to
>post my reply both to the list and the original sender. It would be
>blindingly easy to mistake a private post for one posted to the list.
>Best to send private letters with "PRIVATE" in the subject line and maybe an
>additional line at the top warning the recipient that this is a private
>letter and not a public post.

EXcept he didn't do that, Susan. The archive shows NO post by Bertvan after
the 13th. Instead he sent it to Stephen who also acknowledge that it wasn't
from his in box from this list! Bertvan decided to forward the note to
Stephen who said:>>These lines and what follows from Glenn, which Bertvan
is replying to, I have not seen before and it does not appear in my
received mail folders. Is this a part of a private message that Glenn sent
to Bertvan?<<

Since it doesn't appear in the archives,and I never saw a copy come from
the reflector either, he didn't simply add He sent
it on to Stephen privately, apparently without any explanation. Bertvan
didn't even copy me in what he sent to Stephen. That is a disgusting thing
for him to do because it hurt Stephen, strained further our already
strained relationship, and frankly, embarrassed me, which is the least of
the issues. If this is the type of activity that Bertvan is interested in
doing then he has serious problems with his judgement and he is not to be

I will apologize to Stephen for this. I owe that to him after Bertvan's
lapse of etiquette. Bertvan has NO right to stand on a soap box as an
ethical judge of anyone as he hypocritically does here.

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