Re: There used to be some really powerful thinkers on the list

Susan B (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:51:47 -0500 (CDT)

Glenn wrote:
>THis was a private e-mail to Bertvan. Shame on him for sharing it.
>SHame on you Bertvan. The ONLY address on the note when it left my machine
>was to you. You copied it and sent it on. You have no ethics sir. You are
>scum on the bottom of the ethics pool and are NOT to be trusted in any way
>shape or form.

a wee word in Bertvan's defense:

I might not have been deliberate. When I reply to posts from the evolution
list only the address of the original sender is in the "to:" field. I
routinely add a comma and the evolution address to that field in order to
post my reply both to the list and the original sender. It would be
blindingly easy to mistake a private post for one posted to the list.

Best to send private letters with "PRIVATE" in the subject line and maybe an
additional line at the top warning the recipient that this is a private
letter and not a public post.

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