Re: the Kansas state science standards (was Darkness spreads
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:32:57 +0000

Gee, I wonder by what stretch of the imagination I have been dragged into
the Kansas issue when I supported the people's right to choose.

At 05:46 AM 08/18/1999 +0800, Stephen E. Jones wrote:

>The fact is that Glenn is just as opposed to old-Earth creationists (he
>as much time attacking OEC Hugh Ross as he does the ICR). He also
>attacks IDer like Phil Johnson and even Mike Behe who believes in
>common descent.

I am opposed to poor logic, poor knowledge of the scientific facts and
poorly thought out ideas. That is why. Course, you won't understand this.

>The common denominator in all these Christian apologists who Glenn
>attacks is not that they are "against science" but that they are against

See above, Steve.


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