pre-cambrian rabbits

Susan Brassfield (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:51:08 -0600

>Answer this question: where are the pre-Cambrian rabbits?
>I have done my best to figure out what you are referencing. Please shed some
>light on this.

I can't find the original post in which I made the regrettably cryptic
remark, but what I *think* was getting at is this: if evolution didn't
happen, why are there no rabbits in the pre-cambrian? why isn't everything
that is alive today represented in the fossil record, unchanged, exactly as
it is seen today? In the pre-Cambrian there are tiny vertebrates, but no
mammals. In the Cambrian there are mammals, but no rabbits, and so on. If
things don't evolve, if evolution is merely an atheistic philosophy with no
scientific underpinnings then why didn't humans ride on the backs of
dinosaurs? Why are there only hominids 4 million years ago and no modern
humans? Why are the remains of modern humans only found in the last 100,000
years or so?

If there is no evolution and nothing has ever changed, where are the
pre-Cambrian rabbits?



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